Specialization of the School

Specialization of the School

Why does a gifted child need special care?

Gifted children achieve performances beyond those of the average population and, due to this specific development, they need appropriate care.

A thorough knowledge of gifted children's characteristics, correct identification and detailed examination of the structure of their talents is the first and most important step in the care of talented people with the aim of developing their personality and maximizing their potential.

What are the specific features of gifted children and how do we react to them?

They exceed children of the same age in the intellectual sphere

  • creating individual educational programmes, acceleration of curriculum
  • broadening, deepening, enriching the curriculum

The gifted often prefer to work on their own

  • individual work (they are not forced to work in a group)
  • sensitive practice of teamwork

They are disinterested with regular, routine and easy tasks

  • creating worksheets, teaching aids, materials, coming up with and changing games and activities in which they acquire new knowledge, cross-curricular links
  • project teaching

A high degree of perfectionism is frequent

  • asking questions and providing answers
  • defence of their own work
  • listening to others

Critical thinking and a high degree of sensitivity and perceptiveness towards themselves and the world: a strong need for fair play, existential anxiety, impulsiveness, hypersensitivity

  • emotionally supportive and friendly environment
  • verbal evaluation
  • morning groups
  • partner cooperation between a teacher, a pupil, a parent and a psychologist (significant emphasis on the personality of the teacher); the school is a safe place where the child is accepted and motivated

How do we support the interests of the child?

  • optional subjects and courses
  • projects, olympiads and competitions
  • cooperation with experts in the field
  • stimulating environment
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