Healthy and tasty

Our school cafeteria provides healthy and tasty meals to students. Parents can choose between four lunch options as well as morning and afternoon snacks for their children. The meals are prepared daily from fresh ingredients and without the use of artificial ingredients and excess salt.

The menu includes wholesome ingredients such as bulgur, millet grains or chickpeas. Thanks to this, our meals are varied and always contain sufficient amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

Menu example

Thursday 10/5/2018:

Soup: Potato-asparagus soup

  • Lunch 1: Pork medallions, mashed potatoes, asparagus
  • Lunch 2: French baked potatoes with pickle
  • Lunch 3: Chicken paprikas, buckwheat dumplings
  • Lunch 4 - diet option: Pork medallions, mashed potatoes, asparagus