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Cookies, which are small amounts of data that our servers send to your computer and which allow us to better use our servers and customize their content to suit your needs.

Cookies use almost every website in the world. Cookies increase user-friendliness on repeatedly visited websites and are therefore useful to you. If you use the same computer and the same Internet browser to visit our website, cookies help your computer memorize the pages you visit and your site settings.

Through our web sites, cookies of the advertising system operators on our site may also be stored on your computer. Remarketing uses Google as well. We only use remarketing data to segment visitors to deliver a more relevant ad. Segments are created based on several general patterns of visitor behavior.

Standard web browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support cookie management. Within Browser settings, you can manually delete, block, or completely disable each cookie, block it or allow it for individual websites only. For more detailed information, please use the help of your browser. If your browser uses cookies, we will assume that you agree to the use of standard cookies by our servers.


Cookies are not used for any other than purely technical purposes, we do not associate the data obtained with them with any other data and we work with cookies in such a way that they do not allow us to identify specific individuals.

There are temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Temporary files are stored on your computer only until you close your browser. Temporary cookies allow you to store information when navigating from one website to another, eliminating the need to re-enter some data. Permanent cookies help identify your computer if you visit our site again but do not allow us to identify you personally. Permanent cookies allow us to customize our site to your interests, but we can not personally identify you and store the data in an anonymous way and do not associate them with any other data.


The following table shows what types of cookies we use.


Publisher / Cookie NameTypeExpireDescription
Google Adwords
Advertising30 days
Google Analytics
Analytical, Tracking90 days



This site uses Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies. Information about the use of the site along with the contents of the cookie will be transferred and stored on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating the use of the site and reporting on its activities for its operators and for providing additional services related to the activities on the site and the use of the Internet in general. Google may also provide this information to third parties, if required by law, or if such third parties process this information for Google.

Google Analytics is enhanced by Google's related advertising features, such as: Google Display Network impressions, remarketing (displaying content ads based on viewed products), enhanced demographic reporting (reporting of anonymous demographic data).


How to Disable Google Analytics Tracking

If you do not want to provide anonymous Google Analytics data, you can use Google's plugin. Once installed in your browser and activation, data will not be sent further.

Learn more about data processing and usage in Google's terms of service..


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